Visual Literacy -Advertisement Analysis

h  Image

This advertisement was created by Old Dominion (OD) to promote their business of shipping freight, managing trucks logistics, moving cargo, and making deliveries. This ad appeared in the November 2012 edition of Forbes magazine. OD used an image of a bride next to one of their trucks along with white text that talked about the idea of keeping “promises” to create a powerful message that targeted wealthy business owners, people most likely to use their shipping services.

By using an image of a bride, OD’s ad used symbolisms of marriage values to attract consumers motivated by ideals. The text used in this ad further helps communicate the message that OD is trying to send to readers of Forbes magazine. The image of the bride standing next to the truck on its own can be confusing for some readers and could have many interpretations. Thus, in order to insure that readers interpreted the ad correctly, a small explanatory paragraph was included at the bottom. The paragraph reads,

“If you’re in the veils and heels business, so are we. We may be in shipping, but your business is our business. Which means our business is much more than trucks. Trucks don’t keep promises. People do. From our expert sales and support teams to the careful drivers and dock workers entrusted with your shipment, the promises you make are kept by us, one and all.”

If readers did not understand the message being communicated by the image of the bride, they would definitely understand it after reading the text.  The images might allude to the ideas of marriage, commitment, values, and promises, but the text is able to directly state this message.

The color and font of the text also help represent these values. All of the letters are in white, even those seen on the image of the OD truck itself. The white text is visually appealing next to the two main colors used in the ad, OD’s green and orange. In many cultures, especially in the United States, where Forbes magazine has many subscribers, the color white represents purity. In other cultures, the color white also represents openness and truth. The creators of this ad could have chosen to use white text because it is visually appealing and looks good next to the OD colors, but also because of what the color white represents. OD is mainly targeting people of a higher social class who could pay for their services.  Most of Forbes readers are wealthy white men who are married and run their own businesses, thus OD’s ad would appeal to them.

The demographics of the readers of Forbes magazine are as follows:  the median age of readers is 43.2, 68.4% are males, 71% have a millionaire household, and 75.1% are employed (Forbes Media Kit). The magazine in which OD decided to place its ad says a lot about the audience they are targeting.


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